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3D printed V-Hook/matty battery cover combined

3D printed V-Hook/matty battery cover combined

This is a 3D printed Matty battery cover and V-Hook combined. Can be made in any colour. 
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This is a 3D printed Matty battery cover with a V-Hook combined :) In 2015 we were asked by a customer to 3D print a copy of the Battery cover for his Matty Trap as he didn't want to damage his original cover, we also designed the 3D printed V-Hooks (we have videos on YouTube in strength tests) we originally put these together but didn't think they would sell or be strong enough, so just put the design to the side. In 2016 we were asked if we could make the 3D printed Matty cover and V-Hook integrated we already had the design but needed to work on it better for strength reasons, we agreed with the customers that it was a good design and we would produce it, the design is MADE and created by BENOFKENTPROPS in CAD after weeks and weeks of work, this design belongs to us and was created on the 7th November 2015. We then enhanced the design after having interesting in 2016. It makes sense to create this design after we had originally made the 3D V-Hooks and Matty battery covers in the first place, we knew straight away they would work well together and it was one of the first things we created after doing them both!
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