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“Rainbow Six Siege - Sledge breaching hammer/ caber”

“Rainbow Six Siege - Sledge breaching hammer/ caber”

Sledge hammer Mk1:

From the video game Rainbow Six Siege’s SAS faction’s Sledge, this is a full size replica of his iconic caber.

This breaching tool is designed through CAD and made real thanks to 3D printing. Fully assembled and painted with the signature tartan strip tied to it, signifying the roots of the fearless Scottish operator.

The caber is both designed to be a nice decorative piece for any gamers room, whilst also being sturdy enough for cosplay and conventions thanks to the reinforced metal rod that runs the length of the hammer.


Overall height: 990mm/99cm

Height (head): 110mm/11cm

Length (head): 250mm/25cm

Width (head): 90mm/9cm

Height (handle): 880mm/88cm

Length (handle): 50mm/5cm

Width (handle): 40mm/4cm


PLA plastic

Steel all threaded bar

Royal Stewart tartan

Filler primer spray paint

Primer spray paint

Satin black spray paint

Gun metal spray paint

Clear lacquer spray

These replicas are built in batches and will only be available for a short time until the next batch is made. Although there is no guarantee that they will be made again as it is all dependant on the popularity of the item.

Please note we are based in the U.K. so shipping to international countries will vary based on location and time of year.

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