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Scaled spirit pack upgrade wand kit

Scaled spirit pack upgrade wand kit

This is a scaled kit to upgrade the wand for the spirit pack or any scaled packs 
A 3D printed Perspex tube  
A Barrel reducer 
A gun ring 
A set of banjos with screws
Red cable for the kit
We have a video that explains how to do this 
Please find below a video on how to put this together: please watch this video to also see the quality of the parts.
**** please note that with all upgrade parts there may need to be some sanding to do to make this fit, some don’t some do. Depending on what you are using this for, we add this as an i grade kit as “kit” will need some work. If you have any questions and need help fitting this please message us and we can also talk you through this. These parts are printed at high standard. 
Please check out all our work at benofkentprops on Facebook and Instagram
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