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Cyclotron Holder/powercell holder for missing

Cyclotron Holder/powercell holder for missing

This is a Handmade Metal shelf for a Proton pack that can be attached to the Motherboard, so that it can hold the cyclotron lights. Please note we can’t mark the holes as all shells can be different and electronics when placing on them, it’s an easy job just place the cyclotron holder in the shell and mark through the cyclotron holes. 
And a 3D printed powercell holder with screws. *****Please note that there is up to 7 different electronic kits out there so the powercell holder will need to be worked on accordingly to the electronic kit you have, as the kits are different we have made a universal mount that can adjust to what you need. The joys of kit building!!!! 
Please check out all our work at Benofkentprops on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter :)
These is for 2 sets of 2
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